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Providing more opportunities for foreigners visiting Japan

There is always a base camp when mountain climbing.
New challenges start from base camps and you will return to a base camp when you restart. On your way to the summit, you will have breaks, receive information and items, and enjoy meals and snacks.
A base camp is always necessary when challenging yourself to climb a new summit.
Working in a different country is similar to mountain climbing.
When you get to a new city, you must collect information and find a lodging place. Along the way you will meet new friends and acquaintances. A warm and friendly place that will welcome all of you is 'YOLO BASE'.
Japan, which is suffering from a decreasing birth rate and aging population as well as labor shortage, will most likely see more visits from foreigners.
We provide these men and women with information to live, fill their stomachs, and with them we experience Japanese culture through art.
YOLO BASE would like to become a base camp for these men and women.


A new workplace that Japanese and foreigners can share.

Golden Sun / Baron UEDA

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Business hours YOLO BASE / 7:00 - LAST
YOLO HOTEL / 0:00 - 24:00
Parking Parking for bicycles, cars, and buses
Rental bikes Available