Hasshi's "Voice Training" 1, 2, 3!

2020.04.16 Thu

Date April 16, 2020 Thursday
Time 6:00PM Open/6:30PM Start ~ 7:30PM Finish
Entry fee 【First time only】500yen ※Collected on the day of
・For those who lack confidence in public speaking
・For those who want to learn how to do a cool self-introduction
・For those who want to learn to speak more smoothly
・For those who need to speak in front of people, such as school teachers or salespeople
・For those who want to burn fat
・Vocal warm-up
・How to breathe from your abdomen
・How to speak from your abdomen
・Practicing smooth speech
・How to make a good impression with a self-introduction, MC-style

【Foreigners welcome to attend】
The instructor used to live in Canada. They will use broken English and easy Japanese.
★Foreigners get 1 free drink ※Must be registered with YOLO JAPAN
★Participating foreigners will receive 2 cups of rice as a special gift
Access 5-minute walk from Shin-Imamiya station on the JR line / Nankai line
7-minute walk from Doubutsuen-mae station on the Osaka Metro
Paid parking available
Address: 556-0003 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Naniwa-ku, Ebisunishi 3-chome, 13-13-24

MC Hasshi

Hasshi does various jobs such as radio DJ, sports commentator, and event MC.