Wa Project TAISHI Shodo Masters' association first training session

2020.08.10 Mon

Wa Project TAISHI is a group focused on Shodo masters and artists actively working in spreading the Japanese concept of [Spirit of Harmony - Wa] with activities in Japan and oversea.
The in the group's name takes the meanings of [Peace], [Harmonious spirit], and [Japan], instead refers to [Shotoku Taishi] (a prince who became famous for his Buddhist fervor and his first attempt of a Japanese legal constitution), to [The great Will] and to [The great Ambassador bringing harmony and love from Japan to the world].
Wa Project TAISHI started its activities in November 2014 to preserve the cultural heritage record of Shotoku Taishi's [17 Article Constitution], which originated by the [Spirit of Harmony - Wa]. In Kansai, the group holds activities at Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple, Mount Koya, Mount Hiei, Nakayama Temple, Heian Jinja Shrine, Kashihara Shrine, Kansai Jewish Church and others.
This time, the first Shodo performance training session by members of Wa Project TAISHI will be hosted at YOLO BASE.

Date August 10, 2020 (Monday)
Time 15:00 / 17:00
Entry fee Participation and Experience Free
Contents ・Writing performance by three Shodo Masters 
・Workshop to experience a writing session wielding a big brush
A representative foreigner will show how to perform
Location YOLO BASE
Address: 556-0003 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Naniwa-ku, Ebisunishi 3-chome, 13-24
Closest Station:7 minutes walk from the Shin-Imamiya Station / Dōbutsuen-mae Station 
* Parking available (PAID)
Sponsor ・Wa Project TAISHI

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