★June★Foreign Resident Cafeteria at YOLO BASE

2022.06.15 Wed

What is the Foreign Resident Cafeteria?

"Just having a full stomach makes us happy"
is the phrase that started the Foreign Resident Cafeteria at YOLO BASE.

Anyone from any age group, irregardless of nationality can come together and enjoy a warm meal.
A space to gather together around a warm meal.
A space to have fun and learn Japanese at the same time.
A space to meet companies and expand future opportunities.

We offer this space through "Foreign Resident Cafeteria.

Event Outline

Date and time June 15th, 2022 (Wed) 5:00PM - 7:00PM (doors open at 4:45PM
Eligibility Must be a foreign resident living in Japan
Location YOLO BASE 3 Chome-13-24 Ebisunishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0003
(Nearby stations: 7-minute walk from the Nankai Railway Shin-Imamiya Station, 10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro Dōbutsuen-mae Station)
Cost Free
Host YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd
In collaboration with Root & Activation Inc., Daiichigakuin High School, Hakuto Gakuin Kenkoku High School, WEIYO,
RSJ Global Holdings co., Ltd., Aqua Metropolis Osaka consortium、
Hyatt Regency Osaka Co., Ltd.、B-CREW ESSE Co., Ltd..、Chuo Food Service Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship Chirashi sushi: Kashin Co., Ltd. , Santsune Co., Ltd.
Participation Sign up below and come to YOLO BASE at the scheduled time and date.

Event schedule

4:45PM- doors open
5:00PM- Foreign Resident Cafeteria starts! Enjoy food and conversing with each other
6:00PM- Japanese seminar
7:00PM  end

Foreign Resident Cafeteria

~Enjoyable for both kids and adults food x interaction~

You don't need money! Kids and adults can come together regardless of age and nationality and enjoy a meal together.
Make friends, share your experiences along with your troubles and worries about living in Japan with others and enjoy your time together!

Menu: Chirashi- sushi (scattered sushi), Sumashijiru (Japanese clear soup)

Japanese seminar

~Learn while having fun talking, Talk like a Japanese person Japanese seminar~

The key to learning a lanuage is "having fun."

This time we plan to offer Japanese you can actually use in your everyday life at our Japanese seminar where you can learn while having fun talking.
We'll teach you Japanese they don't teach you in school that will make you sound more native.

Fun contents

~Let's make memories with activities that can only do here~

〈Art Exploration Game〉
YOLO BASE is filled with the most stylish art.
Fill your mind with art as you search for the indicated patterns!
Be sure to take a picture of your favorite artwork!

〈Billiards & Self- Karaoke〉
You can play billiards with your dining companions!
For those who want to sing and have fun without worrying about their surroundings, we also have a private karaoke-like room available.

Matching with companies

~Even before the interview, start by "getting to know each other"~

Recruiting companies will also be attending Foreign Resident Cafeteria at YOLO BASE!
Through a casual conversation that isn't an interview, start to understand each other.
When you both think ""I'd like to get to know them more,"" that often leads to landing a job.

Positions available from companies that plan to participate:
・English conversation teacher
・Restaurant staff
・Hotell staff  etc

*Changes may be made the day of the event without notification.

Healthcare Consultation

~ Consultation of body and heart by a nurse ~

Since I came to Japan, I haven't been able to find someone to talk to.
It is scary to go to a hospital in Japan, which has a different medical system.
We will hold free consultations by Japanese nurses who have also studied abroad! (Supported languages: Japanese, English)

* Click here for advance reservations

There are so many reasons to attend the "Foreign Resident Cafeteria at YOLO BASE"!

★You can eat a delicious meal for free
★You can make both foreign and Japanese friends
★You can talk to someone about your worries
★You can learn fun, natural Japanese
★You can talk to companies and raise your chances of getting a job

Location: YOLO  BASE 3 Chome-13-24 Ebisunishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0003
Nearby stations: 7-minute walk from the Nankai Railway Shin-Imamiya Station, 10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro Dōbutsuen-mae Station

In collaboration with