About the facilities

What is YOLO BASE?

How can I get to YOLO BASE?

Is Wi-Fi available?

Is there a parking lot?

How much does parking cost?

Is there a bicycle parking area?

Are there vending machines?

Is there an area where I can use a computer?

How do I contact Lost and Found?

Is there a laundromat?

Is foreign currency exchange possible?

Can I use a copy machine or a fax machine?

Is there room service?

Is there a massage service?

Is there a smoking area?

Is there a microwave?

Is Wi-Fi available?

About the hotel

When does the cancellation fee apply?

Is there a waiting list for rooms?

Is there a special rate for children?

Can I share a bed with my children?

What time can I check in?

When is check-out time?

Can I leave my luggage at the front desk before the check-in time?

Can I send my luggage via express delivery?

Can I send my luggage via express delivery from the hotel?

Can I leave my luggage at the front desk after checking out?

When should I pay for the accomodation?

Can I use a credit card when paying?

Can I check in late?

Is the entrance open 24 hours/day?

Can I extend the check-out time?

Where can I leave my valuables during my stay?

Can minors stay overnight?

Is there an early check-in?

Is there a refrigerator in the guest rooms?

Will I be able to use the internet in the guest room?

Can I make an international call from my room?

Is there a hairdryer and other amenities in the room?

Do you have a humidifier or a desk lamp?

Do you have sleepwear?

What is included in the amenities?

Can I adjust temperature of the air-conditioner?

Can I watch foreign language broadcasting on the T.V. in my room?

About the restaurant

Do you have a take-out menu?

What payment methods do you accept?

Is it possible to reserve the building?

How can I make a reservation?

Is there a cancellation fee?

I have a food allergy...

About the rental space

What is the reservation process?

How do I make a reservation?

Can I pay in cash or with a credit card?

When will cancellation fees be applied?

I want to come early to prepare and stay late to clean up. Is there an extra fee?

Can I eat or drink in the seminar room?

How much does it cost to use the co-working space?

Is there a key transfer?

Are there any prohibitions or precautions I should be aware of?