For companies worried about hiring foreigners | Learn all there is to know about hiring foreigners in just one day! A report on "A Hands-On Learning Showroom for Recruiting Foreigners"

2020.02.06 Thu

Konosuke Matsushita, who is called the God of Management, said, "Companies are people." Isn't it true, recently, that a lot of companies are struggling to find talented people?
With the lowering birth rate and aging population, it's become increasingly difficult to attract talented and motivated workers.

On the other hand, the number of foreigners living in Japan is increasing year by year. More and more companies are hiring foreigners to solve this 'human resource crisis'.
The foreign workforce in Japan has reached about 1.28 million people (survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2017).

At YOLO JAPAN, as of our way of showing support for companies who are taking the initiative to hire foreigners, we started, "Learn all there is to know about hiring foreigners in just one day! A Hands-On Learning Showroom For Recruiting Foreigners," in January at YOLO BASE in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka.


10:30 - Introduce participating companies and topics of discussion
10:45 - The present state of Japan when it comes to hiring foreigners
(Masatoshi Kibayashi, Sales Manager, YOLO JAPAN Inc.)
11:10 - Tour of the inbound work training facility YOLO BASE
12:00 - Lunch (observing foreign staff working at the YOLO BASE restaurant)
12:50 - Panel discussion by the hotel foreign staff and the employment manager
(Mr. Tadaichi Noguchi, Director of Development Division, GRApP Co., Ltd.)
14:00 - Panel discussion by the restaurant foreign staff and employment manager
(Sekine Mitsuteru, Manager of Food Services Sales Department, Chuo Food Service Co., Ltd.)
15:00 -  Employment Trainer For Foreigners - About qualification
(Non-profit general incorporated association "Asian Common Wealth Association Japan")
16:00 - Initiatives taken by YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd.
16:45 - Elicit issues from each company and consider future initiatives
17:30 - Round-table conference with participants (YOLO BASE)
19:00 - End of program

On January 28, 2020, the first Hands-On Learning Showroom For Recruiting Foreigners was held.
In this handson seminar, participants can converse with the actual foreign workers who work at YOLO BASE, the first inbound work training facility in Japan.
Participants can also talk to the managers that employ the workers.
Through communication with the foreign staff and the employers, they are able to understand the current situation and get a sense of what is involved in the recruitment of foreign workers.
In addition, YOLO BASE has a restaurant and a hotel, so those participating can see how the foreigners are working there.

<Attached restaurant>

<Attached hotel rooms>

<A conversation between the foreign staff and employment managers>

After finishing the YOLO BASE tour and having lunch with the participating companies, the participants then met the foreign staff from two different companies.
They met the hotel staff and the restaurant staff.
Along with the foreign staff, the employment managers also came along, and they shared about their business, the background on how the foreign staff came to be hired, and the pros and cons of having foreign staff.

<Participants eating lunch>

<Asking questions to the foreign staff>

<The foreign staff replying to questions>

The foreign staff also shared their experience in detail such as why they chose to work in Japan,
the difficulties they faced when working in Japan and the joys they had while working in Japan.
The members from the participating companies asked many questions, and the foreign staff carefully answered each question.
(All in Japanese)

<A foreign worker working (1)>

<A foreign worker working (2)>

<An employment trainer for foreigners providing information to international students>

In the latter half, a guest speaker, an employment trainer for foreigners, from the Asian Common Wealth Association Japan
(ACWA JAPAN) came to speak about topics relating to the "Foreign Trainee Employment Approval Test (Gaishi Test),"
problems various companies are currently facing regarding foreign workers, case studies involving successful
hiring of foreign workers, etc.

At this Handson Learning Showroom, every member in each section will have some reflection time, and they will have
an opportunity to share with the other participants what new things they learned or found out.
By doing this, we hope that companies considering to hire will be able to bring back with them more awareness.

Voices from participants

Accomodation, director, male

"I realized that foreigners are more skilled than Japanese workers. I would first like to change my frame of mind to, 'go for it!', and I would like to take the first step in hiring foreigners."

Drugstore, overseas division, female

"After actually listening to what the staff had to say, I realized how important having good communication between the superiors, subordinates and Japanese staff is."

Drugstore, overseas division, female

"Rather than just hiring those with specialist visas, I could see the potential to hire international students on their way to acquiring a specific skills visa"

Major insurance company, sales, man

"There were so many things I did not know, it was good to get a wide understanding on the situation regarding the hiring of foreigners. I would like to recommend this seminar to my customers who are interested in foreign human resources."

The next seminar is scheduled for March 27th!